Our Story - Colour, Creativity, Community @ Cross and Stitch

Introducing Cross and Stitch, a meticulously curated online sanctuary based in the vibrant heart of Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to empowering stitchers of all skill levels worldwide. With personalised custom creations and a range of online experiences, including live and pre-recorded classes, Cross and Stitch nurtures a thriving community of crafters across continents. Whether seeking a specific project or guidance for the next stitching venture, individuals are warmly invited to connect, explore monthly offerings, and join in the passion and expertise shared by the team.

Embark on a textile journey guided by Caitlin Hart, whose lifelong love affair with textiles has illuminated her path. With a background in textile design and education from Melbourne University and ongoing studies at the Royal School of Needlework - Center of Excellence in the UK, Caitlin's dedication to her craft shines through. Having crafted garments for esteemed labels and immersed herself in diverse cultures across Asia and the Middle East, Caitlin's creativity is fuelled by gratitude and inspired by artisans she has encountered.

With heartfelt gratitude, Cross and Stitch invites you to partake in the joy of stitching alongside Caitlin. Through four textile creative commissions annually, where colour and texture reign supreme, individuals are encouraged to reach out for more information and become a part of this vibrant community dedicated to the art of stitching.

Happy Stitching, Caitlin x